What to Look For in a Female Tattoo Gallery


If you have recently been looking for a tattoo gallery online you have noticed you have thousands to choose from. With tattoos becoming a more popular way of expressing yourself more and more web sites pop up on a daily basis. 먹튀토토 So how can you tell if you have landed on good, creditable female tattoo gallery?

There are many things to look for on a female tattoo gallery site. I have years of experience on tattoos and tattoo sites so I am going to share with you what is most important when looking at these particular sites.

Number of Designs:

A creditable female tattoo gallery will have thousands of designs of all kinds. If the site you visit only has 4,000 designs, it may be a good site but chances are you will not find what you are looking for. These site often do not update their tattoo designs on a daily basis which will leave you with the same old cookie cutter designs day in and day out. A good number for tattoo membership site is anything over 7,500. Here you will more than likely find hundreds of tattoos that fit your need.

Money Back Guarantee:

Creditable sites will always offer a money back 100% satisfaction guarantee. They know that their female tattoo gallery is next to none and there is a good chance you will find what you want over and over again so they have no problem offering such a guarantee. Most good sites have a return rate of less than 1% proving the tattoo gallery is giving people what they want; top, unique designs. A 30 day policy is great but most sites now offer a 60 day return policy making the risk virtually zero to you the consumer. If you don’t find what you need, simply return the membership and move on the next one.

Cost of the Membership:

Yes, these memberships do cost money but let me explain how minor this is. 토토사이트 먹튀 If you have done some tattoo searching online you found that you can pay up to $40 for a single tattoo! With a female tattoo gallery you can sign up for a lifetime and pay less than that. New designs added daily will ensure you never miss the new top designs submitted by artist. A decent price to pay for a membership will range anywhere from $29.00 to $39.00…well worth the price of what you get. Remember that these are a onetime charge and last a lifetime!


Most female tattoo galleries will offer a bonus just for signing up. The bonuses vary from free magazine subscriptions, eBooks about tattoos and free music downloads. Not all sites will offer a bonus but if you sign up and pay, why not get something for free in the process. This is the least important thing to look at when buying a membership but comes as a nice upgrade to you the consumer.

I am here to make things really easy for you however. There are close to 1,200 tattoo membership’s site out there but we know the top 3. How? Because I have access to a site that lets me know stats such as users, return rates and consumer ratings. So my wife and I made a blog of the top 3 tattoo sites out there. We did a male and female section since some are more geared toward women and vice versa.

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