End-Time Prophecy Course: 10 Bible Principles to Consider Before You Choose a Prophecy Course


The declarations of the prophets must blend (Luke 24:44): Every prophecy course should attempt to facilitate the works of various prophets on a specific topic in order to guarantee agreement between them. request personal prophetic word Some prophecy specialists are so up to speed in pushing a specific perspective without understanding the degree to which it makes one prophet repudiates the other.


Ends must not repudiate any Bible fundamental (Cor. 15: 12-17):

A genuine case of this is found in the regulation of unceasing torment. In this instructing is the expectation that all the evil will be scorched in damnation all through the endless times of forever. In any case, this is a logical inconsistency of the plain Bible encouraging that the underhanded will be singed to cinders (Mal. 4:1). Besides, the Bible instructs that the last discipline will be the subsequent demise (Rev. 20:14). On the off chance that demise is the end of life, by what method can we genuinely accept this while instructing that the fiendish will live in unceasing hopelessness in hellfire? This is a reasonable instance of logical inconsistency between a standard prophecy determination and an unmistakable Bible educating.

Sacred writings must be contrasted and sacred texts (1Cor. 2:12, 13; Isa. 28:10):

This is a basic yet amazing guideline; it is the methods by which we tackle Bible entries that are hard to get it. Complex Bible refrains can be clarified when we contrast them and less complex writings. The procedure of sacred text examination can be significantly helped by a decent Bible concordance. Each prophecy course should perceive this guideline.


No customary position must be held for convention (Matt. 15:7-9):

The way that a prophecy position is generally educated and is well known with scholars doesn’t make it right. Make the sacred writings your lone guide. Book of scriptures discourse should just be looked for help, not for check. Convention is great when it adjusts to the word of God, however where it negates it, it must be deserted.


No end should be landed at just in light of a legitimate concern for denominational steadfastness (John 11:45-48):

While prophecy courses offered by groups do offer helpful thoughts, as an outcast, you should treat them with some measure of alert as the positions taken are for the most part along section lines. On the off chance that you are doing a course offered by a section, attempt and receive however much incentive in return as could reasonably be expected yet don’t enable yourself to be up to speed in their congregation governmental issues where prophecy translation is concerned. This is the place your insight into the previously mentioned standards is required.


Guidelines on Bible prophecy must be desi What is the contrast between a Prophet who predicts as indicated by the Holy Spirit and an individual that is only a seer who professes to rehearse Christian Prophecy? There are numerous distinctions, and the separation in heavenliness between the genuine article and its phony model is inconceivably huge. While we realize that the heavenliness of God is just present among the individuals who practice genuine Christian prophecy, the distinction between what simply resembles genuine prophecy and genuine prophecy is increasingly unpretentious. Why would that be? Since humankind is untrustworthy however God isn’t. God realizes what genuine prophecy is, the congregation needs the help of God in knowing the distinction. One significant distinction is a prophet is contacted and really inspired by the Holy Spirit. We particularly know where the Holy Spirit is by realizing what it isn’t. A case of intentions not contacted by the Holy Spirit: cash, acclaim, control. Give us a chance to perceive how these three impacts are not of the Lord:


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